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As part of Peugeot’s 200th anniversary celebrations, the brand’s design offices wanted to create a stunning creation. The wish soon became associated with the idea of highlighting the enormous possibilities offered by the use of electric power as a way to create new driving sensations.

The EX1’s architecture reminds previous charismatic concept cars from Peugeot such as the Asphalte and 20Cup. Shaped like a “water droplet”, with a rear section built around two closely set rear wheels, the EX1 is far from being a “classic” roadster.

The two-seater roadster has a mechanical design which reminds an “exoskeleton”. It highlights the light-weight nature of the vehicle. The EX1 features the new stylistic design codes from Peugeot, first presented on the SR1 concept in earier 2010. The monocoque body structure is manufactured from a carbon/honeycomb composite to optimise weight and rigidity. Thanks to its small dimensions (0.90m of high and width of 1.77m) the EX1 has its overall efficiency enhanced, with a lower centre of gravity and optimized aerodynamics.

It has broken 6 speed records for a vehicle weighing less than 1000 kg. Set from a standing start, the EX1 set the following times: 1/8 mile (8.89sec), 1/4 mile (14.4s), 500m (16.81s), 1/2 mile (23.85s), 1000m (28.16s), and 1 mile (41.09s).[3] It set a 0-60 mph run in 2.24sec and an overall top speed of 161 mph.

In Taipingsi military airport in Chengdu, China, the EX1 improved those records with 7.08s for 1/8mile, 12.67s for 1/4mile, and 0–100 km/h at 2.24s